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Competition Pools Equipment

Foxxx Pools provide all the cleaning equipment needed to maintain healthy, debris, leaf, and germ free pools. We offer a wide variety of products designed to be used in every pool no matter its size, shape, or finishing.


- Chemical resistance.

- Maintain healthy water in pools.

- Gurantees germ free environment.

Vacuum Heads:

- Available for traditional concrete pools 2 different sizes.

- Flexible polyethylene vacuum head available in 12 in, and 19 in.

- Available for liner pools in one size.

- Oval vacuum head fixing with clip.

Vacuum Hose:

- Made of polyethylene.

- Two hose cuff.

- High quality straight lengths.

- Spiral floating hose.

- Providing great flexibility for effective vacuuming.

- Available in 4 lengths (10, 12, 15) meter to fit any pools.

Leaf Skimmers:

- Available in Grey.

- Ideal for removal of debris that floats on the surface of the pool.

- Deep Leaf Skimmer:

- Available in Blue.

- Ideal for removal of debris and dirt floating on the surface or even in between water layers.

Test Kit:

- Quick and easy testing for free.

- Contains:




Phenol liquid.