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Pool companies in Egypt

Filtration Unit

The filtration system is the most important part of the swimming pool. The finishing, building material, or the shape of the pool do not matter with the filtration unit.


- Manufactured of high quality fiber.

- Self standing filtration units.

- Does not require any piping installation.

- Achieve excellent filtration quality.

- Minimum installation and maintenance time.

- Resistant to outside weather and UV.

The Filtration Unit consists of:

- Unit body made of polyester reinforced with fiberglass layers and consists of 2 upper covers.

- Stainless steel handrail.

- 300 watt-12 volt light.

- 220/12 volt safety transformer.

- Filter body in PVC cylindrical shape.

- 1 filter spare bad made of the best un-weaved fabric elements.

- Circular cover for easy maintenance.

- 2 wall inlets for returned filtered water.

- Surface water skimmer.

- Electric control panel contains earth leakage switch, timer for controlling automatically the pump, circuit breaker and indicating light.

Size One Size
Colors White